We live in a fast paced world where most young people take many antibiotics and western medicines to heal themselves even of the most basic illnesses but those same antibiotics are weakening immune systems causing the younger generation to be eternally sick. If you look around you, you will notice that almost everyone is sick with one illness or ailment or another. In this modern age we are not taught about traditional healing and traditional medication because the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry are gaining millions and billions off the illness that we get every so often. If young people had a knowledge of traditional healing and the power of nutrition in food they may not get sick that often and therefore the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry have millions to lose which is why they invest so much money in hiding this information from the younger generation.

Traditional of healing techniques

There are many different traditional healing techniques that most young people do not know about. Even if you obtain a sporting injury you can easily get it cured using remedial massage techniques at an Ayurveda hospital or medical center. However, the first thing that most people would do would be to rush to a modern hospital and get various antibiotics in order to heal themselves soon.

If you study massage therapy Chatswood you will see that they are very successful in healing many ailments but the difference between traditional medication and modern medication is that traditional medication will not work as fast because it lets the body heal naturally and any illness will naturally need bed rest and time to heal.Modern medication on the other hand works very fast and most times, the young person who is sick will be better and ready to go to work the very next day and this is another reason that they choose to take these substances is because they are in a rush to get back to work due to the rush to earn money. This is a big problem with this modern world we live in. People do not allow their bodies to be ill and to heal which is a natural process. If you study nutrition and the healing properties of the food that we eat every day, you will be surprised to see that many modern illnesses can easily be healed and reversed simply by eating the right food. One example is that diabetes which is said to be for life, can be healed by eating star fruit and bitter gourd.