You might have read online that a boxer does not need dedicated shoes until he or she steps into the ring. There is a good deal of truth in the statement, but this is largely because dedicated shoes are not really necessary when you start out. However, if you have the funds and the passion, there should be nothing stopping you from buying a pair early on. And if you are wondering what exactly to look for in a good pair of shoes for a boxer, then look no further! Below is a helpful guide for you:

Traction – the first thing to look for in boxing shoes from Australia is their grip. This is extremely important because you do not want to slip and fall during a sparring match. At the same time, however, you do not want a pair of shoes that have enough of a grip to the point where you need to put in too much effort to drag your feet. Accordingly, when checking the soles of the shoes, look for soles that are balanced: neither overly thick nor overly thin. You want a good balance that lets you easily move but keeps you grounded. It is a good idea to wear them on and try out a couple of boxing steps to gain a general idea of their traction.

Mid-tops versus high-tops – the next thing (though, if you think about it, this is probably the first thing you will look for when selecting a pair of shoes) to look out for is the debate over mid-tops and high-tops. The thing you should understand is that neither type is better than the other – it all depends on personal preference (just as it comes to the different types of boxing hand wraps). Mid-tops come up to somewhere around your ankle (sometimes above or sometimes below it); their selling point is their greater movability, but they sacrifice support in exchange. High-tops come up to your shins, and their merit is their greater ankle and lateral support, but they can be somewhat hard to move in. If you tend to frequently suffer from ankle sprains and injuries, high-tops are your best bet, but otherwise, it depends on you.

Weight – the lighter the shoes, the more agility you gain. Accordingly, when selecting shoes, it is ideal to pick the lightest shoes that seem comfortable to you.

Breathability – as a boxer, you must be aware of the copious amounts of sweat you can build up during training or sparring, which is why it is extremely important that your shoes allow your feet to breathe. Look for meshes in the shoes – these are the materials that allow the most breathability.